BUDGET 2014-2015

2014-2015 Budget (PDF Document)



BUDGET 2013-2014

The Skyline PTSA supports our students, staff, and school.  Our 2013-2014 budget was approved by the membership at our first general membership meeting on September 30th.  Our big grant of $10,000 will go towards programs for the emotional and behavioral wellness or our students.

Our Fall Spartan Grants will be used for the requests listed below.   

Department                                     Request                                                        Amount

FINE ARTS                             2 iMac Computers for IB Film                                 $2,739.32

COUNSELING                        Snacks for after school Study Lab                          $100.00

HUMANITIES                          Document Based Q's for American Studies           $1,732.75

VAPA/CTE                              Audio Feedback Equipment                                   $273.75

CTE                                         Various tools for Robotics Team                            $497.10

SCIENCE                                Model skull                                                             $452.90

MUSIC                                    Ross Hauck - Vocal Performer                               $700.00

JAZZ BAND/VOCAL JAZZ     Guitar Amplifier                                                       $405.42

TOTAL GRANTED                                                                                                $6,901.24