Golden Acorn Awards
Do you know a volunteer who goes “above and beyond” for our kids at SHS? Each year the Skyline High School PTSA presents the following awards to honor the dedication and service of our volunteers: the Golden Acorn Award and the Outstanding Advocate Award.
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Please fill out electronically, save and email to Skyline PTSA co-presidents at
Deadline is April 9, 2021

The Golden Acorn Award The Skyline High School PTSA honors outstanding volunteer service for youth by awarding the Golden Acorn Award annually. The winners of this award are PTSA members who promote the welfare, safety and education of ALL youth in our schools and community.

Outstanding Educator Award The Skyline High School PTSA honors an outstanding educator by awarding the Outstanding Educator Award annually. The winner(s) of this award is a educator, or educators, that truly embody the spirit of growing our students inside and out.  Mentors that support our students through education, encouragement, guidance and inspiration are invaluable to our students.  The award honors those that promote academic and personal success while at Skyline and beyond.

The Outstanding Advocate Award Every year the PTSA honors Outstanding Volunteer Advocacy for youth by awarding the Outstanding Advocate Award. This award is, above all, a PTSA award whose winners volunteer in ways that meet the mission of the PTSA: promoting the health, welfare, safety and education of ALL youth in our school and community through active legislative advocacy.