Skyline Finalists Reflections Showcase
Congratulations to our 12 amazing finalists! They will go on to the district competition. Way to go, Spartans!

Virtual Reality, Kavya Chandrasekar


Art Inspires, Sukanya Nanda


The Mental Ocean, Esther Fang


The Threads of Connection, Trisha Joshi


My Name is Abstract, Garg Shubham


Forgotten Lives, Vidya Ramamurthy


The Hidden Heroes that Matter, Diksha Padmanabhan


A Mother's Love, Nakra Aanika

Food for Thought, Tara Thirumurthy

Every Forest was a Sapling Once ...              Ioli Shrivastava

Music Composition: "An Elemental Fantasy: Summoning of Sun & Whispering Glaciers," Kim Rachael

Literature: Why I Matter, Elani Rocker